Pond Liners

Pond Liners

Here customers can view our range of pond liners. Select your pond liner from our professionally moulded and highly durable range. With our buy online option we can process your order and deliver your pond within 2-3 weeks, through our in-house delivery.  (Some smaller ponds may have a shorter delivery time)

Buying one of our liners allows you to build your very own garden fish pond. The durable plastic liners are mainly purchased by customers as ponds for koi fish but also have other uses such as; Rainwater harvesting, wildlife ponds, duck ponds and dog baths. Ponds4fish manufacture all liners in the U.K.

Select a liner from our rectangular preformed liners or our rigid round liners, available in lots of different sizes. Our pond liners made from plastic using rotational moulding and are highly durable and these plastic pond tubs have a 25 year guarantee. Whether you’re using our moulded liners for an above ground pond, below ground or a patio pond our preformed liners are sure to fulfill your garden pond projects needs.

Please ensure that you don’t over stock your fish pond with koi when starting out. Ponds should never contain more than one inch of fish per ten gallons of water. A mistake most first time koi enthusiasts make is they don’t realise how quickly and how big koi can grow. So they start out buying a lot of small koi and within a few months they become overstocked because of the size the koi have grown to. So try starting out with a small amount of koi or fish and see how they grow and you can always add more later.

We have liners available for all price ranges.

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