Pond Pumps

Our range of Fountain, Waterfall and Circulation pumps compatible with UV Sterilisers selected to work with our filters all designed to keep your pond clear and most of all healthy for your fish.

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  • SPA-350C Pond Pump with fountain

    Pumps and Fountain Pond Pumps


    This fountain pond pump is ideal for pumping, filtering outdoor or indoor ponds and also has a fountain/waterfall feature. The fountain pond pump comes in 4 sizes.

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  • SPM-A5000E Pond Pump for Large Ponds

    SPM-A5000E Pond Pump for Large Ponds


    The SPM-A5000E Pond Pump for Large Ponds is only to be used for the largest ponds as it has a 5000 litres per hour flow. It has high efficiency and energy saving as well as big water flow and high pressure meaning adding this item to your pond will greatly improve water circulation.

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  • Patio Pond

    330L Wooden Patio Pond Kit


    Wooden pond kit that looks good on any patio, decking or garden. Suitable for keeping small fish with low maintenance by adding the 750 Litre Fountain Pond Pump option.

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