1000 Litre Rigid Koi Pond Liner


Pond volume = 223 gallons (1013 litres)

Largest main dimensions –

Diameter = 152 cm (60″)

Depth = 69 cm (27″)




1000 Litre Rigid Koi Pond Liner


Here customers can view our 1000 Litre Rigid Koi Pond Liner. It is a one piece freestanding preformed round pond. It measures at 60″ (152 cm) diameter and 27″ (69 cm) deep and has a volume of 223 Gallons (1013 litres). Tapers from top to bottom at 5 degrees inclusive. Weight when empty 20 kgs.

Our liners are environmentally friendly, manufactured from food grade chemically inert polyethylene. All of our round rigid pond liners are easy to install and can be used as raised free-standing ponds, half raised or sunken (below ground). Installing one of our liners supports and attracts diverse wildlife. This preformed pond is highly durable and very strong so much so we offer a 25 year guarantee. It is designed to withstand all weather conditions and will not crack.





1000 Litre Rigid Koi Pond Liners


1000 Litre Rigid Koi Pond Liner – Highly durable liner measuring at 60″ (152 cm) diameter and 27″ (69 cm) deep.







1000 Litre Rigid Pond Kit with Fountain Pump and Pre-filter


1000 Litre Rigid Koi Pond Liner with pond pump & prefilter – The pond pump & prefilter option enables you stock fish in this liner. Supplied with a 1000 litre per hour flow pond pump that will pump your pond water through the prefiler every hour. This filters out any algae or other waste and keeps the water to a standard your fish will live in happily and healthily. The prefilter easily attaches to the pump and they both sit at the bottom of your pond.



Koi Pond Kit – if you plan on keeping koi in this size pond then this is the kit you need. This pond kit includes the SPA-1000 pond pump, a mega black box with a 11w UV, a SES 10 air pump with 4 air stones and the relevant flexible pipe and clips. The mega black box with 11w UV attaches to the pond pump through flexible pipe and pumps the water through the box, filtering the water and eliminating any dirt and then goes back into the pond. The air pump provides with koi with air which they need to live. Placing the air stones in the bottom of your pond will provide oxygen at the bottom of the pond.



Although you can keep koi in this size pond with the adequate components we would suggest going up to at least the 1800L so they have more room to manoeuvre.




This item has an expected delivery time of between 2 and 3 weeks. Other orders in your nearby area may speed up this process significantly.

Price quoted includes all Costs and Delivery to UK mainland.


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Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 152 × 152 × 69 cm

1000 Litre Rigid Koi Pond Liner, 1000 Litre Rigid Koi Pond Liner with pond pump & prefilter, 1000 Litre Rigid Koi Pond Kit

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