330 Litre Free Standing Pond Liner  


Pond volume = 72.5 gallons (330 litres)

Largest main dimensions –

Diameter = 102 cm (40″)

Depth = 51 cm (20″)


330 Litre Free Standing Pond Liner.

This is our 330 Litre Free Standing Pond Liner. It measures at 40″ (102 cm) diameter, 20″ (51 cm) deep and holds a volume of 72.5 Gallons (330 litres). Tapers from top to bottom at 5 degrees inclusive. Weight when empty 10 kgs.

If you are looking at keeping koi fish I suggest viewing our larger liners by clicking here. This pond is not big enough to keep koi in healthy environment. In size size pond you can stock a small amount of small goldfish. We recommend 1/2 inch of fish per 45 litres of water. So we would advise a maximum combined length of 4 inches. The recommendations are to ensure your fish grow to their full potential and they are living in an environment they will thrive in. We recommend adding a 350L pond pump which an attractive water fountain feature and a pre-filter. The prefilter easily attaches to the pond pump allowing them to work together to filter the water to a high quality.

Check out our 330 Litre free standing pond liner with a pond pump and a wooden surround here

Our liners are environmentally friendly, manufactured from food grade chemically inert polyethylene. This liner is a free standing pond but it also look great when dug into the ground or even partially buried. This free standing pond is highly durable and very strong so much so we offer a 25 year guarantee. It is designed to withstand all weather conditions and will not crack.


The free standing pond can be sent via a courier and should be received roughly 1 week after purchase.


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 102 x 102 x 51 cm


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