4000 Litre Rigid Koi Pond Liner


Pond volume = 898 gallons (4081 litres)

Largest main dimensions –

Diameter = 249 cm (98″)

Depth = 84 cm (33″)




4000 Litre Rigid Koi Pond Liner


Rigid Koi Pond Liner Here customers can view our 4000 Litre Rigid Koi Pond Liner. This liner is highly durable and is guaranteed for 25 years. This size liner is ideal for keeping koi due to its high water capacity. We suggest adding a filter box, pond pump and air pump to the liner to keep your koi happy and healthy.


This preformed pond is a one piece tank and its largest main dimension is 98″ (249 cm) diameter and 33″ (84 cm) deep. Its volume is 898 Gallons (litres 4081). Tapers from top to bottom at 5 degrees inclusive. Weight when empty 60 kgs. Our liners are manufactured on site by ourselves at Ponds4fish made from food grade chemically inert polyethylene. They are ideal for a vast range of applications, and there are numerous uses for them. All of our round tanks are free-standing when full of liquid, above or below the ground, and can be part or fully buried.


Price quoted includes all Costs and Delivery to UK mainland.




4000 Litre Rigid Koi Pond Liner



4000 Litre Rigid Koi Pond Liner – The 4000 rigid koi pond liner is 98″ (249 cm) diameter and 33″ (84 cm) deep. Its volume is 898 Gallons (litres 4081)




3500 Litre Fish Pond Kit


Mega filtration – The mega filtration option contains; the 4000 Litre Rigid Koi Pond Liner, pond pump with a 3000 litre per hour flow and fountain feature, a mega black filter box with a 15w UV, 6 metres of 25mm flexible pipe, 2 hose clips (25mm), a 50L High-flow air pump with 20 metres of clear tubing and 4 large air stones.The mega filtration option allows you to stock as many as fish as you like as long as you maintain the pond by cleaning the filters regularly. The 15W UV works with the filter box to remove any algae from your pond, keeping your water to a high standard and creating an environment your koi/fish will thrive in. The air pump provides the koi with oxygen which the koi need to live and providing this through the air pump allows you to stock higher levels of koi/fish.







Expected delivery time of between 2 and 3 weeks. Other orders in your nearby area may speed up this process significantly.


Price quoted includes all Costs and Delivery to UK mainland.


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10 years old and still perfect

5.0 rating
March 18, 2020

We keep a couple of koi and larger goldfish in our pond, 10 years on the pond is like new and doing a great job, I’m quite sure it’ll see double the 25 year guarantee out with ease. I remember the service being very good and fast delivery. If I ever move I’ll be buying another one for sure.

Matt walker

Excellent service

5.0 rating
July 9, 2018

My pond was delivered sooner than I expected and I was informed beforehand so I could make sure I was in when it arrived. The liner is very sturdy and overall I am very pleased with this product. Thank You.



Rigid Koi Pond Design

View the 4000L Rigid Koi Pond Liner in Alan Harris pond design

Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 249 × 249 × 84 cm

4000 Litre Rigid Koi Pond Liner, 4000 Litre round mega max filtration

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