7200 Litre Koi Pond Kit


This koi pond kit gives you everything you need for building a pond in your garden. It has all the essentials to allow high stocking levels and an environment your fish/koi will thrive in.

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7200 Litre Koi Pond Kit


Here customers can view our 7200 Litre Koi Pond Kit. This kit has been designed by our team to give customers a pond kit with brilliant filtration and water circulation therefore allowing more koi/fish to be added into your pond. If you are thinking of keeping koi then we strongly advise going for this kit. Included in this kit is;


 7200 litre liner

Mega black box with 15 w UV

50 Litre Hi-Flow Air Pump with 4 large air stones and 20 metres of clear tubing

3 way Weatherproof switch

Pond Pump – SPM-A5000E

1.5 metres of solvent weld pipe (40mm)

Bottom Drain (Tommy Drain) 43mm Diameter (1.5 inch)

50mm Ball Valve (1.5 inch Internal diameter)

1.5 inch (43mm) elbow

4 Metres 50mm flexible pipe

 4 metres 40mm flexible pipe


The SPM-A5000E pond pump pump 5000 litres of water through the mega black box an hour. The black box then filters the water through its 6 stages and back into the pond through the flexible pipe. The 50 litre hi-flow air pump provides oxygen for your fish through the 4 large air stones, connected by the clear tubing. Fish love and require oxygen to live. Therefore using an big flow rate pump will keep your fish as happy and healthy as possible. The bottom drain allows water to be drained out of the bottom of the pond and can be controlled by the ball valve. Finally the weather proof switch is used to keep your pond electrics all in one place making it easily controllable and neat.


Stocking Guidance


This Koi Pond Kit is complete with all the essentials and all the products working together to produce an environment for your koi/fish to thrive in. The 50 Litre air pump produces air through the 4 large air stones so they fish receive plenty of oxygen. The 5000L Pond Pump works with the media box and 15w uv in keeping the pond well filtered. When the pond is full, the water will get filtered 1 and a half times every 2 hours. All these factors create an environment that will keep your fish happy, enabling you to keep more stock. We advise that you can have around 20 koi in this pond living healthy.



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