1000 Litre Above Ground Pond Kit


This wooden above ground pond kit looks magnificent. Easy to assemble, it holds 1000 litres of water and is delivered for free!



1000 Litre Above Ground Pond Kit


Our Above ground pond kit is created using a 1000 litre pond liner and a square wooden surround. This pond kit is easy to assemble and is guaranteed to make your garden much more attractive. When fully assembled this wooden above ground pond kit is squared at 183 cm x 183 cm and is 76 cm deep. The pond liner is covered by finely sanded timber and has options to help keep your water well filtered with both options offering an attractive fountain feature.




1000 litre liner & square surround – no pumps etc included


With pond pump – the 1000 litre liner with wooden square surround supplied with a SPA-1000 pond pump. Pumps 1000 litre of water an hour with an attractive fountain feature.


With pond pump and prefilter – as described above with a prefilter. The prefilter easily attaches easily to the pond pump by just pushing them together. pond pump then pumps the water through the prefilter (1000 litres per hour) which is filtered and holds any dirt etc that is caught.prefilter can be easily opened and should be cleaned regularly recommended once every month or two depending on how much foliage and dirt falls into your pond.


Koi Pond Kit – if you plan on keeping koi in this size pond then this is the kit you need. This pond kit includes the SPA-1000 pond pump, a mega black box with a 11w UV, a SES 10 air pump with 4 air stones and the relevant flexible pipe and clips. The mega black box with 11w UV attaches to the pond pump through flexible pipe and pumps the water through the box, filtering the water and eliminating any dirt and then goes back into the pond. The air pump provides with koi with air which they need to live. Placing the air stones in the bottom of your pond will provide oxygen at the bottom of the pond.

FREE Designs On How To Build A Pond.




Large pond liners have a 2-3 weeks delivery time. However sometimes this can take a little longer. Please note that if you are over 200 miles away delivery could be longer. Being a small local business we deliver the ponds we have manufactured ourselves and require a few orders in nearby areas to deliver. This means that when you order we may be already due for delivery in your area in the next few days or we may have just been in your area a few days before so it could be another 3 week till we are next in the area. If you are concerned about when you may receive your order just contact us and we will be happy to give you some advice.


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Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 183 × 183 × 76 cm

Above Ground Pond Kit (1000L liner & square surround), Above Ground Pond Kit with pond pump, Above Ground Pond Kit with pond pump & prefilter, Above Ground Pond Kit – Koi Pond Kit

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