Black Solvent Weld Pipe (1.5 inch – 4 inch)


Solvent Weld Pipe is available in 4 sizes; 1.5 inch (40 mm), 2 inch (50 mm), 3 inch (83 mm) and 4 inch (110 mm).


Product Description

Black Solvent Weld Pipe (1.5 inch – 4 inch) 1.5 METRE LENGTH


Black Solvent Weld Pipe our Pro-Plumbing Pipework and Fittings makes it easier to assemble your pipework for your pond, creating smooth flowing low pressure pipework.

  • Manufactured to high standards
  • Secure with Solvent Cement for a strong permanent connection
  • Black for discrete installation

Solvent Weld PVC Pipe in conjunction with Solvent Weld Pipe Fittings. However To extend we suggest using Solvent Weld Straight Connectors.

Solvent Weld pipe and fittings are strong and durable and will provide a permanent connection when secured with Solvents Cement.


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We use couriers for are smaller items. Small items such as pipework, fittings and other accessories sent via royal

mail. Therefore The smaller pond liners (Up to 500 litre rectangular liners and 330 litre round liners) sent via Parcelforce. We will provide customers who have ordered these smaller items sent with couriers with a tracking code. Delivery Usually takes around 3-5 working days.

Most PVC applications, i.e. the ones they are designed for, do not require very critical procedure for joining pieces together, because most of the time the fluid going through them is not under pressure. However, certain high-strain applications, such as Spud Gunning, require that the joints are strong and airtight. The way to achieve that is proper solvent welding.

The stuff that you get at the store to put together pieces of PVC is labeled “Cement.” This is a misnomer. The “cement” class of adhesives, such as contact cement, rubber cement, etc, all are used to bond two, usually dissimilar, materials together. PVC cement is actually a solvent. Welding involves melding two pieces of the same material into one. (Hmm, I wonder if there is a connection).

When you solvent weld PVC, you are actually turning the two sides that you are joining into PVC mush, the molecules all blend together, and what you are left with is essentially one single piece of PVC.

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