Dog Paddling Pool


4 ft long, 2 ft wide and 1 ft deep our dog paddling pool gives your dog a place to cool down and play in the summer heat.

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Give your dog a place to cool off in the summer heat. Our dog paddling pool measures at 4 ft in length, 2 ft in width and 1 ft in depth.  Exact measurements = 120 cm in length, 61 cm width and 29 cm in height. Your dog is guaranteed to feel comfortable our paddling pool thanks to its smooth finish and the plastic makes it resistant to bacteria. Lightweight and portable take the bath with you on the go.



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Weight 5.00 kg
Dimensions 120 × 60 × 30 cm

Large dog bath tub with drainage parts, Large dog bath tub with drainage parts and hole drilled, Large dog bath tub without drainage parts

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