330L Wooden Patio Pond Kit


Wooden pond kit that looks good on any patio, decking or garden. Suitable for keeping small fish with low maintenance by adding the pump and prefilter option.



330L Wooden Patio Pond Kit


Patio Pond Kit contains:

330L Pond liner (102 cm diameter and 51 cm deep)

Easy to assemble timber

Free delivery


Ponds 4 Fish pond kit is ideal for putting on a patio or in your garden it requires no digging or plumbing. This product is perfect if you are looking for a pond which you can keep a small amount of fish with little maintenance. It is not very big in size so adding the pond pump and prefilter option does a good job in keeping your pond water well filtered resulting in happy and healthy fish. Manufactured by ourselves at Ponds4fish in the UK we have received brilliant feedback for this item and it is a product that proves to be popular with customers. We suggest painting and glossing the wooden surround to make your pond look that bit better! The wood we use is tantalised timber and is FSC certified. For more information go to the FSC website (https://www.fsc-uk.org/en-uk).




Standard Patio Pond Kit – The Patio Pond Kit contains the 330 Litre preformed pond liner (guaranteed for 25 years) and wooden surround with an octagonal lid that sits on top. The pond liner measures at 102 cm diameter and 51 cm deep with the wooden surround adding approximately 10 cm in height and an extra 30 cm diameter.





Patio Pond Kit with Pond Pump and Prefilter


Deluxe Patio Pond Kit with pond pump & prefilter – As stated in the description above adding the pond pump & prefilter option allows you to stock small fish with little maintenance. The pond pump provided has a 350 Litre per hour flow and an attractive fountain feature that pokes just above the water level, spraying water out. The prefilter easily attaches to the pond pump which pump the water though every hour filtering out any algae or other waste. The only maintenance required is to empty the waste out the prefilter every few months.


Patio Pond Assembly








Expected delivery time of between 3-5 working days. Via DPD


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Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 120 × 120 × 56 cm
Patio Pond Kit

Patio Pond Kit, Patio Pond Kit with pond pump and prefilter

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