330 Litre Quarantine Tank For Koi Carp


Pond volume = 72.5 gallons (330 litres)

Largest main dimensions –

Diameter = 102 cm (40″)

Depth = 51 cm (20″)




330 Litre Quarantine Tank For Koi Carp


This is our quarantine tank for koi carp. This quarantine tank is for holding fish whilst your pond is being cleaned or built, to isolate ill fish for treatment, to quarantine new fish or to photograph your fish.


This tank is extremely durable and strong so much so we guarantee it for 25 years. Our Quarantine Tank can be installed above ground as a free standing pond and also looks great buried into the ground. The largest main dimensions for this quarantine tank are 40″ (102 cm) diameter and 20″ (51 cm) deep. Its volume is 72.5 Gallons (330 litres). Tapers from top to bottom at 5 degrees inclusive. Weight when empty 10 kgs.


Our pond liners are environmentally friendly as they are manufactured from food grade chemically inert polyethylene. They are ideal for a vast range of applications, and there are numerous uses for them. All of our round tanks are free-standing when full of liquid, above or below the ground, and can be part or fully buried.




330 Litre Free Standing Pond Liner



Quarantine tank – This quarantine tank measures at 40″ (102 cm) diameter and 20″ (51 cm) deep.






1000 Litre Rigid Pond Kit with Fountain Pump and Pre-filter



Quarantine tank with pond pump and prefilter – This option contains the 330L liner along with a 350L per hour flow pond pump and a prefilter that attaches directly to the pump. These two components work together to keep your pond water to high quality.






Rectangular quarantine tank (500L) found here

All our liners can be used as quarantine tanks click here to view all our liners




Expected delivery time of between 3-5 working days. Via DPD


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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 102 × 102 × 51 cm
Quarantine tank

Quarantine Tank, Quarantine tank with pond pump, Quarantine tank with pond pump & prefilter

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