1000 Litre Rigid Pond Kit


Our 1000 Litre Preformed Pond Kit comes with a Fountain Pump and Pre-filter which works together to filter the pond water maintaining high quality water.

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1000 Litre Rigid Pond Kit with Fountain Pump and Pre-filter

Here Customers can view our 1000 Litre Rigid Pond Kit with Fountain pump and pump. This kit was put together by our experts to ensure all the basics are there to get you started with your new pond project. Included in this kit:

Finally if you have any suggestions on adding extras to this pond kit please let us know via the product enquiry section on this page. Please note if you want extras and you want to order ASAP just add the extras to your basket.

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Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 182 × 122 × 91 cm

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